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Welcome to the Kitchener Zombie Walk 2017

The Unliving will rise once again, and walk the streets of Kitchener! And they are coming for you... We hope to see your maggot ridden, decaying corpses there on October 14th 2017!!!

They are back, they are hungry and they are not staying 8 feet under any longer! On October the 14th the dead will rise for our 9th year event in Kitchener, We welcome you to the KITCHENER Zombie Walk 2017

This year The Kitchener Zombie Walk starts at the KPL (Kitchener Public Library) 85 Queen St N, Kitchener, at NOON (aka 12:oo pm)
More information can be found at our Facebook invite at:

Walkerz of Interest:

coming soon...

.... As Time continues on more will be posted


Please attend in full zombie makeup/gear (and bring canned goods to donate to the less fortunate)

To be involved with a food drive for others less fortunate than ourselves. And for those who are going to walk with us, we really do thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the 14th!


* please note that this event is subjected to change.

twitter! facebook! twitter! **UPDATE

> DATE: 9/11/17

online work is underway for this year's event #KWZ9

> DATE: 9/25/16

Set up the Facebook invite page KitchenerZoMbieWalk more at:

> DATE: 9/24/16

Started on work on #KWZ9